Four in a Row

Picture of main menu in the game Four in a Row

Four in a Row is a board based game where players take turns trying to connect together four of their game pieces together, while blocking the other user's potential "four in a rows". The game has five different intelligent agents to play against whose skills vary from completely random, to agents who plan five moves ahead. The game also has a lot of customization, including the abilities to have as many players as you want in a game, and the ability to add, remove, or change those players during gameplay. You can also switch between game modes, from build-mode to play-mode, where you can set up a board exactly how you like. Another feature is the ability to pick custom shaped board sizes to play on (although on bigger boards, the Mini-max based agents will take years to decide a move).

From the main menu upon start up, you can pick a board set up, although before, or during the game, you can change the setup (besides board size) to however you like. From there, you have the options panel on the right hand side of the game, where you can switch between game modes, change up players, or exit the game. Also, the Mini-max agents are the smarter agents.
  • Everything: Mouse
  • Debug on/off: D (while playing a board)
More pictures:

Play mode

Picture of the play mode

Six random agents playing

Picture of six random agents playing

Build mode

Picture of build mode
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